Lithuania Gambling Authority: Public’s Attitude Towards Lotteries

As the lottery sector information informs, the Lithuanian Gambling Authority has done annual study on the player’s frame of mind towards lotteries and other games of likelihood.

1 thousand Lithuanians took portion in the Gambling Supervision Service’s study, 54% of which ended up female and 46% male. The vast majority (48%) of surveyed were being from small cities and villages, when 42% of respondents had been from significant cities.

In accordance to the success of the study, in 2021, only 10% of the surveyed Lithuanians gambled at the very least once. And young males aged 18-29 have been extra vulnerable to just take component in the games of possibility. Gambling also extra generally happened on-line (29%), at house (26%), and slot equipment halls (24%). The most vital motivations to gamble are:

  • want to acquire cash (47%)
  • enthusiasm (34%)
  • wish to relax (32%)
  • new way of investing leisure time (31%).

At the exact time, the lottery continues to be the most well-known recreation of chance in Lithuania, as 49% of respondents participated in the lottery raffle. 88% of them acquired lottery tickets at store and box workplaces. However, the lottery is a lot more well-known among an older inhabitants aged 50-69 (55% of surveyed). Participation in the lottery is triggered by a drive to gain cash. And Lithuanians normally purchase a lottery tickets as soon as a month.

The vast majority of Lithuanian players (79%) have said that they really do not have a dilemma with their gambling, even though 16% have encountered a fiscal dilemma with their gambling. As for the lottery, 95% declare they really do not have any issue with it and 99% didn’t borrow revenue to consider element in lottery raffles.

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